this is us.

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Hi there! We’re Mr. + Mrs. Akers, but you can call us Steven and Riss. We’re a married couple located in Phoenix, Arizona who loves capturing LOVE. We met at church because we were shooting an event together, and ever since then photography + film have been two of our favorite things to do together.

One thing we love about working together is that we both have a different eye for things and we bring out the best in each others creativity. There is literally nothing sweeter than being able to tell others love stories together through art!

Besides taking photos + video, you can find us serving Jesus, sitting on the couch binge watching Stranger Things and This Is Us, or at various coffee shops around town.

Steven loves anything and everything Star Wars, and he likes Taylor Swift more than most people you’ve met and I make fun of him for it all the time. His dad jokes are out of this world. (He told me to write that.) He takes naps seriously, and would eat Mac and Cheese everyday if he could.

Riss has the sweetest heart I know and she’s the most passionate person I know of. She loves sappy rom-coms (okay, I do too) and adventuring to new places. She loves metal and hardcore music, though you wouldn’t expect it if you just met her.

So thats us in a nut-shell! (Not really in a nutshell, more like us in five paragraphs but you get the point.) Celebrating love is literally what makes our hearts happy and we’d love to celebrate with you! (Was that too cheesy?) 

-Riss + Steven

Photo by Cody and Allison Photography

Photo by Cody and Allison Photography