riss + steven photography

let’s do the dang thing.

What the heck!? Thank you for taking an interest in our work. It seriously means the world to us! 

Our favorite thing is being able to capture you and your authentic LOVE! We aren’t about stiff and awkward posed photos. We would much rather capture the genuine connection you have with each other. The in between moments are often the ones that we cherish most.

We don’t want to be just some people you hire (bleh). We want to be the friends you go to Taco Tuesday with, quote Friends with, and ugly cry with you on your wedding day. We promise you we aren’t going to be just your “vendors,” but your “freakin rad friends that you can count on through your ENTIRE planning process.” We care about you. About your love, your quirks, and about your crazy family… the whole shebang!

You want to go elope and go barefoot while you do it? Go ahead! We’ll join you! Could you care less about getting your dress a little dirty, or hike to an epic view? Let’s do that too! When you look back on your wedding, you want it to fully and completely scream who you are and what is important to you. Give us all the messy, all the imperfect, all the wild love that you share with each other, and we will make magic out of it.

Send us an email! We want to gush over your love story. We would love to meet for some bomb pizza or coffee and get to know you. 

Whether it’s engagements, wedding, family or just adventuring around and finding a cool wall, we’re so down.

-Riss + Steven

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